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Re: Hello Videoblogers

By db | "db" <mrstuneman@...> | blogdj
October 14, 2004 | Post #1375 | Topic #1359

Eric - I got very lucky, because I got mine online at CircuitCity.com, of all places, and got it for $389 with 2-day shipping included. And that was a few months ago. Gotta think someone will be having a Christmas sale, and - worst comes to worse - a lot of people will be having AFTER Christmas sales. Getting the feed from the HDD produces a better picture, I've found. Now if I can get my wife to erase the last season of Sex and the City off the HDD... :-) --Dave --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Eric Botticelli" <eric9897@y...> wrote: > > --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "db" <mrstuneman@y...> wrote: > > > > Hi, Eric - > > Don't know if this answers your questions or not, but I use a Sharp > > HDD/DVD recorder, which has 80GB Hard Drive plus, of course DVD > > capabilties. This baby has many inputs and outputs, and I've been able > > to experiment with converting footage to the videoblog. A great value > > for the money (it's amazing how much this technology has dropped in > > price). Hope I helped! - DJ Dave > > - - - - > > yeah, I'll keep my eye on Sharp's hdd/dvd recorders, it sounds like > yours has some great features, but it looks like they're still in the > 400+ range. > How much was yours? > Most likely, I'll wait another 6-18 months to see if the storage per > dollar increases... as I'm doing fine right now with the setup I have.