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Re: I laugh.. Ha Ha!

By Deirdré Straughan | =?iso-8859-1?q?Deirdr=E9_Straughan?= <lists@...> | deirdrebs2002
November 21, 2004 | Post #1908 | Topic #1896

Courtney, I have posted a quick-n-dirty list of steps re. my current video= posting routine at http://www.straughan.com/vlog/041030.html Note that wha= t I'm doing is quite different from most in this group, since I'm using Fla= sh and a regular website, not QuickTime or a blog. To my way of thinking, = the point is to have fun with it! best regards, Deirdr=C3=A9 Straughan h= ttp://www.straughan.com