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Re: I laugh.. Ha Ha!

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> | jobs4harlemyouth
November 22, 2004 | Post #1916 | Topic #1896

I too would appreciate a step-by-step manual (downloadable ebook) or demonstration videoblog. A mock vlog with glossary terms for each component. And a service guide to various videoblogging host and tools thats categoried by end users skill level(beginner, immediary, guru). Also, with the ebook manual you include practice exercises to help get beginners up and running. Other suggestions: Video capturing equipment guide Listing videophones, digicams and webcams that are ideal for videoblogging(mp4 vs avi format) Also, indicate if videoblogging services and tools are free or not. If someone could provide the content, I be happily willing to assemble it. It would be great marketing tool to recruit new members. Subject: Re: I laugh.. Ha Ha! Don't worry Clueless, I think everybody here is trying to figure stuff out. But you are right, ok, one thing at a time. Relax! Posting videos is fun. However, I do think (and I am a heavy-duty techie) that video blogging is too hard to do for the non-tech. What I think really needs to be figured out, so we can tell new folks, non-techs, and even the press is probably: (a) "best format to post with" (some thing that EVERYBODY can use/watch) (b) A place to get started to easily post stuff (maybe http://vblogcenteral or something) (c) Explainations of simple jargon like: TrackBack and what a news feed is. > Help me out people! Can't someone already in the know post a simple > easy to follow (and as Deirdre suggested she might write a Video > Blogging for Dummies guide) process? I know there's all kinds of > already put out there bits.. but, man! Why can't someone just put it > all in ... well... a how-to-vlog!?! ;-) ________________________________________________________________ Juno Platinum $9.95. Juno SpeedBand $14.95. Sign up for Juno Today at http://www.juno.com! Look for special offers at Best Buy stores.