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Re: introduction

By poetaster12000 | "poetaster12000" <poetaster12000@...> | poetaster12000
July 15, 2004 | Post #331 | Topic #110

My name is Michael and I am going to spend 5-6 weeks in Ireland during September and October. I will be meeting with some very interesting and vocal political types there who I suspect would love to have an audience, particularly in the US. I'm thinking that starting a video blog before I go and inputting from Ireland would be an interesting experiment. I have a new G4 portable with the new iSight camera which should be good enough for interviews. I might buy a new digital video camera in addition. My question has to do with the display side of things. I would like to find a service that would provide and webpage interface for viewers and Quicktime streaming of my clips. I am not all that technically interested, but can learn how to capture, encode, upload, etc. Hopefully there will be semi-integrated tools to support these functions. I am familiar with Quicktime Pro. Any suggestions would be appreciated, particiularly as to the name of a service provider designed to support such video blogging projects. Michael