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Re: It's not a video blog if it's on TV

By Deirdre Straughan, class of 81 | "Deirdre Straughan, class of 81" <lists@...> | deirdrebs2002
August 23, 2004 | Post #852 | Topic #826

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Weagel <humandog@c...> wr= ote: > > > >> 1. computer screens are domestic spaces not cinema screens= > > I agree. Hmm, but... the lines are blurring. All these "home media c= enters" coming out now are intended to let us show content from the PC on t= he TV (they mostly delicately skate around the question of where we're gett= ing this content from!). I do watch long videos on the computer when forced= to, but I'd much rather lounge on the sofa in front of the TV, especially = when it's something the whole family wants to watch. Now if I could combine= the comfort of the sofa with the control of the PC... best regards, Dei= rdr=C3=A9 Straughan http://www.straughan.com