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Re: Left Eye/Right Eye

By courtwms777 | "courtwms777" <courtwms777@...> | courtwms777
November 26, 2004 | Post #1999 | Topic #1985

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Steve Garfield <steve@o...> wrote> Don't let Jay's earlier 'curb your enthusiam' post about keeping the > discussion focused on 'videoblogging' keep you or anyone else from > posting things like this. > > --Steve Thanks for posting the above, Steve! (I was kinda feeling like I'd had my little hand slapped and had become *shy* about posting... but only for a nanosec!) ;-D Meanwhile, sadly - my right (and currently useless) eye is my dominant eye - I was pretty freaked by that 'eye test' which proved that fact! I had no clue. Weird. Now all my left-eyed videos will be off kilter... I've been scouring your multiple websites, Steve, and good Lord - it's like a maze in there... A-mazing is more like it. I predict you become the Donald Trump of blogging/vlogging/podcasting. (Building Empires in cyberspace). Courtney