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Re: my second video

By Deirdre Straughan, class of 81 | "Deirdre Straughan, class of 81" <lists@...> | deirdrebs2002
July 23, 2004 | Post #390 | Topic #364

It's a very tiny (and simple) part of what Flash can do. Maybe Macromedia c= ould be enticed to release a low-cost piece of software that does only that= ? If/when I find a way to put controls on each video, it would be possible= to have multiple blogs on one page, and the viewer can start one at a time= . Video-like controls should be more intuitive for the viewer, too. bes= t regards, Deirdr=E9 Straughan http://www.straughan.com --- In videoblo= gging@yahoogroups.com, "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@y...> wrote: > I also enjo= y the instantaneous initialization of the vlog. I've > toyed with the idea= for my own, but since I frequently have multiple > vidblogs featured on t= he same page, it would becaome a noisy > cacophany rather quickly. As well= , several of my users complain if I > take over their audio control withou= t their asking (the pansies). > But I do find the in-window display of the= vlog refreshing - as I > don't always have the patience for QuickTime or = WMP to load. Good > jorb out there. > > The Dane