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Re: New here

By alisonbryanuk | "alisonbryanuk" <alison.bryan@...> | alisonbryanuk
August 9, 2004 | Post #631 | Topic #604

Re one to one convo ... yep it will always exist, just like hearing people need a voice phone. There's web video chats too. Blogging, I see more as a medium whereby Deaf people can record ideas / thoughts and basically archives. For years, Deaf history has been lost, simply because there hasn't been accessible methods of recording thoughts. Okay there is personal videos, but these aren't accessible. Blogging provides a whole new medium. I'm also wanting to use blogs as an educational tool too. vBlogs have many potential uses in the Deaf community, and cannot be attributed to singular purposes. I see this being the same for vblogs being used in other contexts too. Didn't someone ask us to brainstorm? Alison