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Re: New Video Blog post from the DNC

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
July 30, 2004 | Post #467 | Topic #449

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@S...> wrote: > Well, one thing to think about is that Flash video, > unlike other video formats, won't be indexed by > multimedia search engines. That might not seem like > a big deal right now, but it will be a huge deal > pretty soon. Just as Google killed search-unfriendly > content management systems dead, multimedia search > will kill search-unfriendly video formats. This is really too bad and I think both Google and Macromedia should find a solution (and I'm sure they will) - especially as more and more companies begin taking advantage of the the CF/XML/Flash mix available (it's amazing what site's implementing these technologies will be able to do that was previously unavailable to anyone on any sane basis). A friend and I are working on a conversion of a 200,000+ page site into a single page that holds a Flash program allowing a completely moldable and customizable interface that will increase the joy of user experience a hundredfold. It's a shame to think that under present conditions, Google doesn't have the means to index something so cool. As both Google and Macromedia have a lot at stake in this, I think it'd behoove them both to work together to find a solution. As far as standards go, Lucas, I don't see why it has to be an either/or sort of thing in the realm of video promotion. Pretty much everybody can play mpeg. Pretty much everybody can play Flash. And a whole heckuvalot can play Quicktime. Can't they all just get along? I think Steve Garfield's stuff wouldn't look half as good if it weren't in QuickTime, but I know I wouldn't have half the usability if I stepped away from Flash. Personally, since I'm not looking for an audience, I don't worry about the promotability of Flash for myself, but what about other vidbloggers who see Flash as a means to create a hip kind of experience they wouldn't otherwise be able to create? Do they just get left out as unpromotable? Simply because they didn't hold an arbitrary standard? Pax out, The Dane