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Re: New Video Blog post from the DNC

By Eric Rice | "Eric Rice" <eric@...> | audioblogdotcom
July 30, 2004 | Post #468 | Topic #449

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@y...> wrote: > sane basis). A friend and I are working on a conversion of a > 200,000+ page site into a single page that holds a Flash program > allowing a completely moldable and customizable interface that will > increase the joy of user experience a hundredfold. It's a shame to > think that under present conditions, Google doesn't have the means > to index something so cool. As both Google and Macromedia have a lot > at stake in this, I think it'd behoove them both to work together to > find a solution. I just spent a good deal of time at Volvo's site for the new S40. The entire micro-site is in flash. It's an application and/or experience site. And it worked perfectly. If the content warranted it, sure a search mechanism can be built in (which is sorta there in a limited capacity). Google will, however, find the front door. Eric