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Re: New Video Upload Website

By guru5571 | "guru5571" <guru5571@...> | guru5571
November 7, 2004 | Post #1660 | Topic #1656

Hi Jay, The site is not just for cameraphones but that was one of my main thoughts while developing it. In the UK cameraphones are pretty common now. I think there will be more and more of them in the US soon. I think in the coming year they will be used more and more for vidblogging than conventional cams or videocameras. So here are some facts about the site: - You can upload 3gp mp4 and 3g2 file types. - All video is set to play in Quicktime, but you will need the latest version. - The size limit is set to 150kB which is about 20 seconds on a camera phone. I know this is very small and will probably change, but I'm starting this whole thing off on a very small scale. - You can upload anything you like. We'll see where it goes. As it is now, everything is provisional and subject to change. Just need more responses like yours. If no one posts anything on the site soon, I'll post a demo for you to see. My name is Marc by the way. --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@g...> wrote: > > Anyway I hope vidbloggers can find my site useful. It's not a vidblog > > in itself, but vidbloggers can post small clips and link them to their > > blog and also to other video clips on the site. If the site develops > > enough traffic, it could become a great promotional tool for > > vidbloggers. Also not this is my version 1.0 so things could change. > > I think that will be determined by the feedback I get. Also, as of > > this moment, the site is completely clean. It's brand new and waiting > > for uploads. > > is it just for video phones? > just GP3? > what if i have a QT on my computer? > you have size limits? > > what is your motivation? > you looking for certian kinds of video or anything at all? > > by the way, whats your name? > > jay