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Re: new vlog, an introduction

By geek_jihadi | "geek_jihadi" <ro@...> | geek_jihadi
November 6, 2004 | Post #1647 | Topic #1636

> mica, shannon, charlene, chris weagel, steve, adrian..... > > tell us h= ow you record, edit, and post video.... > i know you use a PC(Im Mac)...its= not easy at first... > but maybe we can help you find a better method. > = > the obnlt thing you need is the will to post video. k, well firstly i re= ally like the vblogging .info site, very sexy, nice design and style (my gi= rl likes it) secondly, nice content there, good articles. good site. con= tent + style. secondly, i use a pc to do my video, yes you are correct he= re is my process: i have an old webcam circa 1999 from my girl (a logitech= , the cam not the girl) and i use that with the newest drivers from logitec= h, which btw, can be downloaded (which i did to get the new ones) and INCLU= DE software to capture video to a .avi file and COMPRESS it! now that is c= ool because it automatically picked up the divx 5.0.5 on my computer (win98= ) and thats it baby, compression complete (at lowest qual setting) and boom= ftp to my site, which i then linked to. i also used the logitech software= to capture a frame to a jpg, which i then used photoshop to write some tex= t over it, really not a hi-end job at all but it does what i need it to do.= so there you have it bab=EB now go ahead and view it once more for old t= imes anyway i find that i feel like i am getting to know ppl more from vid= eo than from text. many times text can end up seeming pretentious and i do= not like that, but video captures humanity much better i enjoy this ro =