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Re: Newbie

By Deirdre Straughan, class of 81 | "Deirdre Straughan, class of 81" <lists@...> | deirdrebs2002
August 9, 2004 | Post #627 | Topic #606

> More Deaf people would be more inclined, I think, to visit a > videoblog= than a simple blog, for the simple fact that it will be > accessible in T= HEIR language, British Sign Language. It will only be truly accessible if = sign language translation is provided and edited in. With all the good will= in the world, this is hard for many of us to arrange! Subtitling would act= ually be easier, I would think, though of course it presents technical chal= lenges. best regards, Deirdr=E9 Straughan http://www.straughan.com