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Re: NewsGator

By Eric Rice | "Eric Rice" <eric@...> | audioblogdotcom
July 16, 2004 | Post #347 | Topic #345

I haven't with NewsGator, but I actively deal with Media Center PCs as it's one of the content delivery areas I have a great interest in (among other things). The Online Spotlight is one of the menu options in an MCE, that allows a viewer to access premium content online. Microsoft has a developer kit for MCE, as well as further information on Online Spotlight. It's good stuff. It may very well be a step in the direction of indie peer-driven media to the masses. Eric --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "petertheman" <peter@p...> wrote: > http://services.newsgator.com/ProdInfo_mce.aspx > > "Designed for machines running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 > or SnapStream Spotlight, NewsGator Media Center Edition will display > your selected content from syndicated RSS and Atom content feeds on > your TV. The interface is designed for across-the-room use with the > remote control. And this goes beyond just text content - audio and > video-enhanced feeds are fully supported" > > Anyone tried this? Requires subscriptions and whatnot... > > Peter