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Re: Players…

By courtwms777 | "courtwms777" <courtwms777@...> | courtwms777
November 24, 2004 | Post #1964 | Topic #1950

Thanks, Ed, for the tip! Of course, the bit on the page about "make sure you fill in the path to your server"... uh... where does that go? I feel like I'm missing 999 pieces from a 1,000 piece puzzle! :-S Ah, well... one must learn somehow... Courtney --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Ed Yarrish <ed.yarrish@g...> wrote: > Courtney, > > Google Mail automatically popped this up as I read your e-mail message > (http://www.streamalot.com/embed.shtml). I am not sure if it is > appropriate, since I don't do HTML programming. Perhaps, others here > can comment about its appropriateness.