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re: Python for videoblogging tools

By alan | alan <akb@...> | akbakb2000
June 28, 2004 | Post #198 | Topic #140

PeterV writes: > > Freevo (open sopurce Tivo) is done in Python, and Adam Curry's new > videotool (coming up) also seems to be in Python. It looks like > Python is a good language to build client side video tools. Any > comments? I've started hacking on Freevo lately, its my first real python project. I've got a development patch that downloads multimedia from RSS enclosures, integrates with BitTorrent, and will hand gnutella, kazaa, edonkey links to outside p2p clients. I'm looking for beta victims^H^H^H^H testers. Coming from more of a perl background I find python code lends itself to being more readable which speeds up the development process, especially on group projects. There's nothing that particularly recommends it for programming for video per se, like perl it has a very large amount of libraries specialized for whatever you might want. Freevo closely uses a utility multimedia library called mmpython, they seem to be growing together. BitTorrent is written in python that did speed up integrating it into Freevo. From what I gathered torrentocracy that was recently released to add BitTorrent for MythTV (which is in C++) doesn't integrate it very closely. In general, I think the fact that Freevo is written in Python will allow more addons and plugins to be developed quickly for it than MythTV. hth alan http://demandmedia.net/ Collaborative Video Blog