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Re: Re: calling quicktime experts

By akb@demandmedia.net | akb@... | akbakb2000
October 21, 2004 | Post #1462 | Topic #1457

Andreas wrote: > how was I supposed to go from -43 to "Andreas > you idiot, you forgot to upload a file"? Google. http://www.scirius.com/docs/docs.html Of course it would be foolish to expect human readable error messages or even that Apple would document their error codes on their own site. Jay wrote: > how do you create an RSS 2.0 feed that reads our videoblogs and > grabs the videos..sending them out as enclosures? I modified the Scoop collaborative engine, its the software that runs kuro5hin.org. It runs under mod_perl, I added the video specific parts. The basic way it works is there is an open submission web form that anyone can fill out that has the video info. It goes into a queue where the site's users vote on which ones they like. Highly rated videos appear on the front page, less highly rated ones appear on the section pages, less highly rated ones drop out of the queue. The RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures is just a few lines of perl. I also generate an Atom feed with the "related" tag which is analogous to enclosures. a http://demandmedia.net/