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Re: Revogging

By The Dane | "The Dane" <thedaneof5683@...> | thedaneof5683
July 27, 2004 | Post #432 | Topic #424

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@S...> wrote: > Do any of you know of people doing revogging, i.e. > creating videoblogs that are re-edits or remixes > or even just clips + commentary of existing web content? One of my upcoming vidblog episodes (probably episode 39), coming in maybe a month will feature just this. I'll be utilizing footage from the Sixties. It's likely copyrighted, but hopefully, no one will hassle me about it (it's not like I'm making any sort of money from anything in my vidblogging adventures). Really, the only reason I've shied from utilizing pre-existing content is that its just plain easier to write an episode from scratch than to incorporate something already shaped and formed. The only way I can think of doing it in a manner that suits my audience is to completely tear the original work out of its original context :-) This should prove to be fun. Much Love, The Dane http://nowheresville.us