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Re: Seattle: Meet The Vloggers Videos Now On Google

By Jack Nelson | "Jack Nelson" <jack@...> | mexiculture
August 13, 2005 | Post #19799 | Topic #19748

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Michael Verdi <michael@m...> wrote: > Ha! That's a good one. If anything iTunes made it more difficult > because of their messed up special feed elements. It's been plenty > easy to get a feed with Feedburner and to subscribe with FireANT and > Mefeedia for 9 months now. That may be so, but since I've gotten my blog on iTunes the subscription rate has quadrupled (we're talking small numbers here, from ten subscribers to 40). It was easy for me to get a feed with Feedburner, but that was because of the great tutorial on FreeVlog. I tried once to get on iTunes and failed, but then followed the instructions someone posted on this list (sorry, I don't remember who) and it worked. For a not too tech savy person like me both ways were similarily easy once someone told me how. I think subscribing to an iTunes feed is easy. I've experimented with FireANT, MeFeedia and iTunes and all are easy to use form a consumers point of view. I actually use MyYahoo to view the feeds I'm subscribed to (I told you I'm not a tech guy). I just like to actually visit the web pages and I also like the idea of receiving the notice of new videos without having to download the videos. Sometimes (not often) I read the title and decide not to view the video. I was using FireANT for a while to download videos overnight, but I really don't like to leave the computer on all night when I don't have to. Electricity is expensive here in Mexico. > > -- > Verdi > http://michaelverdi.com > http://freevlog.org > http://graymattergravy.com > > > On Aug 12, 2005, at 11:16 PM, Kunga wrote: > > > I'm well aware of that. But iTunes 4.9 has made it EASY to syndicate > > and subscribe. I thought it was not easy to do either b4 the end of > > June.