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Re: second attempt

By Deirdré Straughan | =?iso-8859-1?q?Deirdr=E9_Straughan?= <lists@...> | deirdrebs2002
August 26, 2004 | Post #944 | Topic #939

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Steve Garfield <steve@o...> wrote: > = Looks great on a Mac running OS X and Safari. > > I'd like to see a progre= ss indicator so I know who long it is, and also > to be able to move the p= layhead around. So would I. I started doing some scripting in Flash for St= op/Play controls, but discovered that this forced the entire video to load = before it would start streaming, whereas, when I leave it alone, it starts = playing almost immediately. So then I put the controls in JavaScript on the= webpage, but results have been very mixed. I'm hoping that someone who kn= ows more about Flash than I do will come up with a script that provides QT-= player-like controls and a progress bar, but starts the video streaming rig= ht away. Or I may figure it out myself, in time. best regards, Deirdr=E9 = Straughan http://www.straughan.com