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Re: so where are we?

By Eric Rice | "Eric Rice" <eric@...> | audioblogdotcom
June 18, 2004 | Post #49 | Topic #38

Okay, you're killin' me, but I'll do it for a week. :-) Side note: I used a program called PageOT (mac os x) which allows you to playlist QT movies and generate the appropriate code so you have one continuous movie. An old example here: http://www.ericrice.com/media/video20030801.htm E --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Jay Dedman <jay@m...> wrote: > Peter, > > okay, so we know we can post video in our blogs. > its kind of clunky but it can happen. > for me, the whole process really hinders the intuitive flow of text > blogging. > and we still havent figured out the problem of storage and bandwidth. > i hear about "bit torrent" but where's the beef? > > am i crazy to want a videoblogging tool that does it all for me? > so i can focus on the moment I capture or movie I create. > one for windows, one for macs. > just like everything else. > Posting the video should be zero thought and effort. > > anyway, I like Adrian's idea: let's videoblog. > starting Sunday, I'm going to post a video a day. > http://momentshowing.typepad.com/momentshowing/ > subscribe to me in Bloglines or whatever. > who else is in? > let's see if any of this conversation is even worth. > > -- > Jay Dedman > Manhattan Neighborhood Network > 537 West 59th (between 10th and 11th Ave) > NY NY 10019 > http://www.mnn.org > 212 757 2670