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Re: Taking my videos down (Freeplay Music discussion)

By Erin Nealey | "Erin Nealey" <schmee@...> | erinnealey
August 5, 2005 | Post #19014 | Topic #19008

Thanks for such a quick response Raymond! UPDATE: My husband talked to Scott Shreer of Freeplay Music (he is much better at remaining calm than I am!) and some good has come out of this. Although we still are having to pay, it is only half. Another good thing that came from it is that Scott was willing to listen to the reasons why the site and terms could so easily be misinterpreted and said he would take those things into consideration, maybe bringing them up with others at Freeplay Music. Hopefully some changes will be made there so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. Afterall... this would be in the best interest of Scott as well as anyone else! OK.. lets move on, this is done :) Erin Nealey Mom's Brag Vlog nealey.blogspot.com I have been contacted by others who hosted "FreePlay" music on IA and > want it taken down after they heard about the FreePlay policy, so I > guess your message to this group regarding this has been very helpful > to a lot of people, Erin. > > Best, > > Raymond M. Kristiansen > moderator, ourmedia.org