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Re: The gaia theory on blogs

By Jay V Black | Jay V Black <finyc@...> |
November 7, 2004 | Post #1650 | Topic #1644

Hi, I spoke with Jay sometime ago about my interest in videoblogging(or more specifically regional videoblogging. ie NYC). Unfortunately, I haven't had time to do much but I'm still interested. As someone stated before, the tools would help greatly in getting off the ground. Maybe you guys should post this as proposed project at Sourceforge.net. Sourceforge.net is a community of civic-minded programmers that design open source freeware. If you got all the programmers in this group to designn a white paper and post it there, you might interested folks to help crack this tough nut. (a white paper is a kinda blueprint/wishlist of a proposed software.) Here's some example of projects Jahshaka - 3D Video Compoer http://.jahshaka.sourceforge.net CinePaint http://cinepaint.sourceforge.net Also, contact the programmer at DeBugMode and see if he might be interested. http://www.debugmode.com I hope this helps. JV On Sat, 6 Nov 2004 16:41:19 -0500, Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> wrote: > andreas and adrian have much to say about linking and hypervideo. > so we got the ideas...but we need the tools. >I'm working on it, but I've run into a small problem (it's only a problem >because I suck at programming). Once I've spoken with my friend tomorrow >or Monday I have something for interested parties to try out. ________________________________________________________________ Juno Platinum $9.95. Juno SpeedBand $14.95. Sign up for Juno Today at http://www.juno.com! Look for special offers at Best Buy stores.