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Re: Themed collaborative project

By geek_jihadi | "geek_jihadi" <ro@...> | geek_jihadi
November 11, 2004 | Post #1758 | Topic #1745

> so is this possible? > we take the RSS feed from http://videoblogging.info and send it to > some SMIL player automatically. > can this player be on videoblogging.info site? an smil file is a text file. so the rss feed would be translated into the text making up an smil file and that smil file would be fed to your quicktime player that would play the vidz sequentially. the only problem i have is the dependance on qt, but if nobody else cares i will shut up about it here (maybe i will rant about it on my site instead). ro -- geek jihadi http://tigerbliss.com