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Re: Torrents/rss enclosures (was re: vlogging script)

By antipast0@yahoo.com | antipast0@... | antipast0
August 3, 2004 | Post #530 | Topic #514

I think that the nail is being hit on the head. We're bluring the technical and user aspects. Technically, RSS enclosures would be good as they denote, in a feed, the media available and the MIME type of that media. I can understand bandwidth issues with WebJay... that's a red flag for "the good stuff is here!!!" ... With BitTorrent, then you're actual bandwidth used, from a hosting perspective, would be the .torrent text files which are very, very small, but could be a problem in the future. Ideally, an enclosure mirroring or something could be cool... or BT has an emerging XML format that is coming up... you could encode the info for a BT download in the blog post itself. From a USER standpoint... I think a lot of headway is being made technically so that you could make a round-trip product. There already exists entire BT libraries in C++, so the only thing to code would be a standard by which to actually operate, and the interface. Thomas