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Re: Videoblog definition

By Eric Rice | "Eric Rice" <eric@...> | audioblogdotcom
June 28, 2004 | Post #197 | Topic #187

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "Yaron Samid" <yaron@n...> wrote: > Is there a definition of 'what a videoblog is' that we all or mostly > agree on? To me, the word 'blog' generally refers to chronological postings, oftentimes shorter than a journal entry or essay. We tossed this idea around over at audioblog.com, and some audioblogs have a short lifespan like some weblog entries. (Import a few hundred weblog entries and see how many are still relevant vs. timeless). Video has a high overhead to it. Just the nature of capturing it and storing it puts the biggest hurdle out there. Audio does to a certain degree, but a clean cut short form, and VERY linear approach is what would put the 'blog' in 'videoblog'... I'm someone who produces longer form video and audio and I don't even think my entries in the Videoblog Week project would match what a videoblog would be (in my mind). Then the questions are, (and rhetorical at that) what type of linear video would be blogged, and would that linear video be of interest to our 'audiences'. Or should we just capture and post and see what happens?