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Re: [videoblogging] 150 – Group Tipping Point?

By Andreas Haugstrup | "Andreas Haugstrup" <solitude@...> | andreashaugstrup
July 22, 2005 | Post #17956 | Topic #17917

On Fri, 22 Jul 2005 18:54:16 +0200, Stephanie Bryant <mortaine@...> wrote: > Anyway, some possible sub-groups that could evolve out of this one: And before someone goes out and creates all these groups keep these things in mind. - The forum vs. e-mail discussion has surfaced more than once. If you haven't been around that long it would be helpful to go back and read the old threads. - One split-off happened with the videoblogging_content group. The result was that many messages were cross posted between the two lists. What precautions do you propose so this won't happen again? - Andreas -- <URL:http://www.solitude.dk/&gt; Commentary on media, communication, culture and technology.