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Re: [videoblogging] 150 – Group Tipping Point?

By Stephanie Bryant | Stephanie Bryant <mortaine@...> | mortaine
July 22, 2005 | Post #17945 | Topic #17917

Chris, dude.... everyone on this list is a narcissist, to one degree or ano= ther. Anyway, some possible sub-groups that could evolve out of this one: = 1) Vlogger-newbies: Make sure a core handful of "old-timers" spanning a br= oad range of technical expertise stay in the group and keep their eyes open= to questions and help people out. 2) Vlogger-politics: Vlogs in the polit= ical sphere 3) Vlogger-press: Vlogs in their relationships with press/mass= -media (ex: Cheryl's Hollywood insider types of vlogs, but also the Vloggin= g Press Kit) 4) Vlogger-legal: Legal issues/wrangles relating to vlogging = (ex: a site reusing or distributing your work without permission or site hi= ts, CC discussion, litigation, legislation, etc.) 5) Vlogger-tech: Talking= about changes in technology, bleeding edge, etc. 6) Vlogger-compose: Disc= ussion of the non-technical part of vlogs: public speaking, composition of = the shot and the video, editing choices, movie length, etc. 7) Vlogger-cha= t: Side BS that has not much to do with vlogging, but is interesting noneth= eless. And a possible 8th: Vlogger-reviews: People post commentary about t= he vlogs they're watching, or reviews of vlogs, just as long as it doesn't = become a critique group or a recurring "OMG, Verdi is teh bestest!!!" (i.e.= , re-reviewing the same vlogs over and over and over). I think a 9th would = eventually evolve, but probably not be called vlogger-, but rather "cellvlo= gging" for the video-camera-phone vloggers. --Stephanie On 7/22/05, Chris= Baudry <chrbaudry@...> wrote: > > And I forget all the narcissists= who want to share with the world how their > Auntie Claudia was great at t= heir last BBQ. -- Stephanie Bryant mortaine@... http://www.mortaine= .com