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Re: [videoblogging] automatic quicktime smil playlist

By Lucas Gonze | Lucas Gonze <lgonze@...> | lucas_gonze
September 24, 2004 | Post #1273 | Topic #1264

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 akb@... wrote: > SMIL is supposed to be cross platform and thus have all sorts of > wholesome goodness attached. The reality is Real and Quicktime need > SMIL tweaked so as to be incompatible with each other. Yeah, don't even think of treating SMIL as SMIL. The only thing consistent across SMIL implementations is the concept of the PAR and SEQ tags. There are two background problems. One is deliberate incompatibility by the major vendors. The other is that the spec is insanely complex, so no free or open source coders have been able to do a working SMIL implementation. XSPF was conceived partly to fix that second problem -- it's a simplification which allows average free and open source coders to get in there and work around the major vendors. - Lucas