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Re: [videoblogging] Bland Turd here

By Shannon Noble | Shannon Noble <sn@...> | sh7nnon
November 21, 2004 | Post #1910 | Topic #1883

> This Amanda from Rocketboom aka bland turd... what's > up shannon ;) Not= much. I'm taking a break from a ten day Vipassana meditation retreat. > h= ow you feeling today? I'm feeling good. The air is brisk and clean. It is = a windy November day. > In a good mood? Cool. Certainly. Cool of you to = ask. > Anyway, thanks for all the feedback everyone. It's really been > i= nteresting, and some of it very constructive. Cool. > some of it is writt= en by Josh. And a little by me. Like many shows > (notice I use the word "= shows" and not vlogs), Rocketboom is a > collection of voices, which is wha= t I think makes it unique as a vlog. > It is a show. A show on the internet= . Call it TV or whatever you want. Does > the label matter that much? I m= ust say that I was never angry. My private sense of humor is not as facund = as it pretends to be. The intent was not to strike out personally at any on= e person as much as I was commenting on an idea (the idea of what Rocketboo= m says it is and what it really is) that I perceived as having blown by wit= h little scrutiny. So I applied my own theatrical turd and dropped it on th= e list. It seems to have provided a significant amount of response. I don't= think Rocketboom would have received so much undeserved attention without = it. Admittedly a bit harsh for this list, I only meant to incite a grander = response though I've not seen that yet. I can appreciate the efforts of the= Rocketboom project but what I still see is something banal (art school cli= ch=E9 meaning boring, ordinary, not original). Like you said, its "a show o= n the internet", and that's all. This is not to say that it could evolve an= d become otherwise. TV for the net. As far as labeling I would respond by s= aying give me a concrete semantic to identify it with so that we can have a= common language to articulate this subject. Not that big of a deal. Back t= o my retreat. Oh yes. I've created my own alternative approach example for= a Rocketboom vlog: http://x.nnon.tv/blog/_archives/2004/11/21/188507.html= cheers, /.shannon