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Re: [videoblogging] FCC raids a micro (pirate) radio station in Santa Cruz…

By M. Sean Gilligan | "M. Sean Gilligan" <seanlist@...> | M_Sean_Gilligan
September 30, 2004 | Post #1334 | Topic #1321

Hi Alan, Thanks for providing all the information. As I said, I'm not really knowledgeable on the issue, so thanks for educating me. Can anyone out there do a better case for the FCC than I did? > >> Most of the people that were in the crowd viewed it (solely) as a >free > speech issue, but if everyone could just set up a transmitter and > > start broadcasting, and there were no restrictions regulations, what > > would stop some Clear Channel classic rock station from blowing them > > off the airwaves? > >To characterize the position of low power radio advocates like this is >wrong and dangerously so, I wasn't trying to characterize the position of low power radio advocates, but of the FCC. I'm trying to see both sides of the issue and that was the best I could do for the FCC. >If a >community station has been running a station for 10 years, why on earth >would they want to interfere with anyone, especially a full power >station that is 1000 times as powerful? No one would be able to hear >them. I did say that I'm pretty sure they're not interfering with anyone. > > > One interesting thing about FRSC is that they call themselves a > > "collective" and as I was hanging around asking questions, it truly > > seemed like no one was "in charge". According the the SJ Mercury story (http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/local/9797653.htm) there is a technical director, named "Uncle Dennis". >Bloggers (even "citizen journalists") tend to represent >themselves much more and more prominently. >[snip] > Thus community media activists >recognize the need to actively train people to be able to participate >and seek to include those that economics and education exclude. Then, of course, there's Jay Dedman, who's out evangelizing video blogging and trying to get the "larger demographics of society" to do it. Go Jay! -- Sean -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Sean Gilligan : 831-466-9788 x11 Catalla Systems, Inc. : http://www.vblogcentral.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------