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Re: [videoblogging] Flash

By Andreas Haugstrup | "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog@...> | andreashaugstrup
August 25, 2004 | Post #913 | Topic #906

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 13:36:15 -0400, Steve Garfield <steve@...> wrote: > - Flash is installed on nearly 90% of all browsers... nothing to down > load, install, or hassle with. > > Hmm... why then are we working with QT, WMV and Real? Flash MX costs $499 in the USA. WMV is free for me on Windows, QT is free to create on a Mac. I can't afford to pay $499 to make Flash movies.. Or rather since I'm in Denmark the prices for Flash MX *start* at $1000. My university has Flash available, but it is an academic license so I can't really use it for my personal projects. -- Personal: <http://www.solitude.dk&gt; File Thingie - PHP File Manager <http://www.solitude.dk/filethingie/&gt;