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Re: [videoblogging] flickr viewer movie

By Adrian Miles | Adrian Miles <adrian.miles@...> | adrianlmiles
September 13, 2004 | Post #1151 | Topic #1120

On 08/09/2004, at 2:44 AM, David Wolf wrote: > 've just put up a little Quicktime movie on my blog that lets you > search for images from http://www.flickr.com a photo sharing site. > > http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~dpwolf/blogarchive/000249.html > > When users upload their photos they mark them up with metadata tags. > These tags are searchable from the site and each has a RSS or ATOM feed > associated with it. This movie lets you enter a tag and view the 10 > most recent uploads for that term. The movie loads the images based on > the contents of an RSS feed. > this is very nice work, what David's done is get a QuickTime movie to read a RSS feed from a server on the basis of what a user asks in the movie. I'm not sure if it is what yoiu'd call a movie but it's a great demo of what QuickTime can actually do, and points the way to the sorts of things than can be built: a movie that reads data and assembles a movie on that basis. cheers Adrian Miles +++++++++++++++++++++ http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/vlog/