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Re: [videoblogging] formats

By Ryan Shaw | Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@...> | ryan_b_shaw
June 26, 2004 | Post #143 | Topic #140

Lucas Gonze wrote: > This is a general comment for the sake of starting a conversation about > file formats. > > There are four, WMV, mpeg, Real and mov. The three proprietary formats > have limited support outside of their dedicated rendering tools, WMP for > WMV, Real for Real, QuickTime for mov. mpeg is supported by all video > renderers as far as I know. > > I don't know enough to compare video quality and compression. > > Open standards are a very good thing for bloggish collaboration. My guess > is that mpeg video is more likely to be watched than any of the other > formats, and more likely to lead to a healthy collaborative environment. I agree. MPEG-4 is the way to go, plus it is likely to be the default format for the coming wave of cheap networked tapeless camcorders. Also from a syndication/content management point of view it has superior metadata support. > Real is the format I've used the most. In my experience, SMIL support is > Real's edge. Real's video format is nothing special. There is a fully open source SMIL player now: http://www.cwi.nl/projects/Ambulant/distPlayer.html It's pretty exciting that open multimedia standards seems to be gathering momentum: SVG, SMIL, MPEG-4... I hope to soon see the day when someone can throw together a video production app as quickly as hackers roll their own blogging tools today. Ryan