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Re: videoblogging from a i-mode phone

By mapajdotnet | "mapajdotnet" <contact@...> | mapajdotnet
June 25, 2004 | Post #118 | Topic #108

Hi again, As requested by Jay, just let me introduce myself and our company. I'm the manager of mobiZe, a french company ( http://www.mobize.com ) specialized in services and tools for i-mode. We have already published 'mapaJ' as the first i-mode 'photoBlog' in Europe (nov 2003 on Bouygues Telecom portal) and now the first i-mode 'videoBlog'. We are using the amazing new NEC n400i mobile phone with our mapaJ service, that allows real time video publishing... over a GPRS network, at about 20/30 Kb/s rate, audio quality is good and video is not so bad. Our first try ( http://laval.hommesetprocess.com/mapaj.html ) was a real success ( with no technical problems, ouf ;-) ). Attendees were really amazed to see themselves on the web site, no more than 5 minutes after the interview :-) Happy to find this group and to get the occasion to discuss videoblogging matters :-) For sure, video is THE next killer app of the mobile industry. CU -- Alain - mapaJ --- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, "mapajdotnet" <contact@m...> wrote: > hi, > > here is a videoBlog created for a one-day event > > videos comming from a NEC n400i i-mode phone and have been published > in real time to the web site (on Day 2) > > http://laval.hommesetprocess.com/mapaj.html > > > -- > mapaJ