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Re: [videoblogging] good article on p-2-p video

By Ryan Shaw | Ryan Shaw <ryanshaw@...> | ryan_b_shaw
July 26, 2004 | Post #417 | Topic #405

Jay Dedman wrote: > Steve emailed me this essay on videoblogging. real good by Drazen Pantic. > he's kind of a pioneer in getting people to become producers of content. > his latest project is about viewing. > he wants to make a box which is connected to your computer and your TV > You can then store and watch the videos we make on your TV. > The thinking is that more people are more comforatble watching "TV" than a > computer screen. > > http://journal.planetwork.net/article.php?lab=pantic0704 This link seems to be dead--it leads to a blank page. Is it mirrored anywhere? Ryan