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Re: [videoblogging] I laugh.. Ha Ha!

By Joshua Kinberg | Joshua Kinberg <jkinberg@...> | joshkinberg
November 21, 2004 | Post #1898 | Topic #1896

You're right, this stuff ain't easy. You need to know how to shoot and edit video, compress and prepare video for web delivery considering various browsers, operating systems, and media players, know all about blogging and RSS, maybe even BitTorrernt, and I'm probably missing a few steps... But don't be frightened away because its actually fun stuff! First check this group's website at http://videoblogging.info. There are some great tutorials there. Right now there are several different methods of videoblogging. There is not one accepted standard. There are also many different types of weblogging software each with slightly different features and peculiarities (Blogger, TypePad, MovableType, WordPresss, etc). I find Blogger and TypePad to be a easier to get started with because they will host your site for you. But, they can be rather limiting for people who want to really customize the functionality of their weblog. So, those with some code experience usually opt for MovableType or WordPress, or something else that allows them to get a little dirty with the code. For videoblogging, there are some hosted video solutions that make it easier to upload video that just works on your blog. Check out M. Sean Gilligan's VBlogCentral (http://vblogcentral.com/) or Audioblog's new video service (http://www.audioblog.com/home/news.htm). These choices allow you to upload video using their service, and then they will create a small code snippet that you copy and past into your blog entry. This code makes the video appear in your blog entry compressed and ready to play in the browser. Its a nice simple solution to get started with. VBlogCentral is particularly good because it offers the user different choices of media players (Real, Quicktime, Windows Media). The Audioblog version uses a Flash player which should play in most browsers since you can pretty much rely on users having the Flash plugin (not always so with Quicktime for Windows users). You can also host the video files yourself rather than use a service like the ones above, but then you need to FTP the files to your webspace (blogger and typepad both allow file uploads -- i don't think its free for either service), and you need to know how compress video prpoperly and embed it in a webpage (not hard, but can scare away beginners). I think Apple's default compression settings for Quicktime on the web are pretty good, but you can tweak the settings to get better performance or smaller file size. You also may not want to use Quicktime for whatever reason, or you may not be using Apple (many of us seem to be using Apple in this group). As for embedding video in a webpage -- you might have to decide how you want users to see your video. Does it play right away? do they need to click something first? Do they click something that pops up another window with the video in it? Maybe they click something and the video plays in the media player application and not in the web browser? Here is Apple's tutorial on embedding Quicktime movies in HTML (http://www.apple.com/quicktime/tools_tips/tutorials/activex.html). This site is a very good place to start for Quicktime tutorials that will help you do some of the things mentioned above (http://quicktiming.org/tutorials.php) This is a good tutorial on how to videoblog with Blogger, some of the same concepts will carry over into the other blogging platforms: http://infodesign.no/artikler/Videoblog_with_Blogger_211004.html I think these are the basics and I haven't gotten to RSS and BitTorrent. Those last two aren't the most important though, they're gravy. They have nothing to do with actually publishing video on the web, but rather distributing video (and other content) via the web. Hope this helps, Josh On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 15:11:09 -0000, courtwms777 <courtwms777@...> wrote: > > > ... and my own ignorance... > > As I scanned the last few messages, I came away with the > word "Bittorent".... > > so.. I googled it... Then I thought it was Bit-To-Rent (which still > didn't make sense to me... but whatever)... > > Then I saw it was Bittorrent (2 r's) on the actual website, although > the URL still used only 1 'r'. > > Finally (after not being able to read German in the sign-in window > that popped up), I returned to the group to reread the messages > (looking for 'how-to-get-inside-Bittorrent') and found that it's all > about "Bit Torrents"... still ... Huh? :-S > > Crap. I am clueless. What the heck is all this stuff? I'm barely > just 'getting' RSS feeds. > > And if one can post video to the web 'for free', why does one need a > TypePad account as opposed to Blogger? > > Perhaps there should be a 'kindergarten' for vlogging hopefuls.. and > I'm completely ignorant of the majority of these terms and processes. > > Help me out people! Can't someone already in the know post a simple > easy to follow (and as Deirdre suggested she might write a Video > Blogging for Dummies guide) process? I know there's all kinds of > already put out there bits.. but, man! Why can't someone just put it > all in ... well... a how-to-vlog!?! ;-) > > I can't even sign my name to this post from embarrassment....so, it's > a.k.a. Clueless > > > > Yahoo! Groups Links > > > > >