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Re: [videoblogging] INdTV

By Christopher Weagel | Christopher Weagel <humandog@...> | ronnalddd
September 29, 2004 | Post #1318 | Topic #1299

The thing that bugged me was that it comes off as INDtv wanting its applicants to do all the work for them, then they own all the material produced. What they should do is allow users to submit videos for air in a way that clearly states the creator retains ownership and rights to their work. INDtv would be licensing the work for broadcast. Anything beyond that would have to be worked out between producers and INDtv. The application and site don't address that issue. If they do this in the future, then I'd feel better about it. Right now it just comes across as another lazy corporation. Another gripe cause its late. maniatv.com launched as an internet tv network. Looking at its low-budget MTV. They show mainstream music videos etc etc. It's clear they're going for a predictable, existing teen market. But their content doesn't make sense for an Internet TV network, When there are millions of people downloading videos of people being beheaded, why would you set up an internet network whose content is the same mainstream stuff they're abandoning in droves? chris