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RE: [videoblogging] introduction

By Lucas Gonze | Lucas Gonze <lgonze@...> | lucas_gonze
June 25, 2004 | Post #112 | Topic #110

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Philippe Antoine wrote: > Hello Everybody, > > OK, = this is my first post so I present myself: I am a french guy working > in D= ominican Republic. I have made with a friend some web videos, and I > will = start a vlog when I will come back in France (in 2 month). Hello Philippe,= I am a belgian-american from New York living in Montreal for the summer. = > I am trying for some time now to have a regular flow of video > producti= on, and with a firend, I think we can handle to create a video > at least e= very week. A very interesting thing about what you're doing is that it's s= o complementary to what others are doing. The P2P hackers are decentralizi= ng distribution. The musiclogging community that I am a part of is decentr= alizing taste. The videoblogging community is decentralizing production. = It's great to see this last leg come into being with the work that you and = other videobloggers are doing. > > For the technic, Lucas Gonze, you made = a great job ! This is exactly > what I was expecting. Do you think you can = explain to us how you develop > that ? Sweat. :) I have been working on = playlist-related tech for over a year now. My interest began with the ques= tion of how you could share playlists with friends, which turned out to be = hard. There is a lot you can do with web audio/video, but the knowledge is= scattered and hard to find, so a key project for me was compiling a study = of playlist formats. (That study is now housed at http://gonze.com/playlis= ts/playlist-format-survey.html.) I am now working on a compilation of best= practices about audio/video hypertext. For the moment these are loose not= es posted to my weblog; today's entries are at http://gonze.com/weblog/stor= y/6-25-4. I work within a community of hackers interested in audio/video h= ypertext. 'Musiclogging' is a reasonably good keyword for finding these peo= ple -- http://www.google.com/search?q=3Dmusiclogging 'Broadcatching' also = describes much of what we do, those that is also caught up with the issue o= f distribution; the musicloggers are mainly focused on decentralizing taste= rather than distribution. Use of Webjay for videoblogging is in a bootstr= apping phase like this: (1) Video playlisters like Brett Singer (webjay.org= /by/webjaybs) compile playlists using webjay. (2) They get blocked by webj= ay bugs or lack of features. (3) I fix the bugs and implement features. (= 4) Repeat. - Lucas > > Philippe > http://www.unpeuplus.net > > > -----Original = Message----- > From: Lucas Gonze [mailto:lgonze@...] > Sent: Friday, = June 25, 2004 12:05 PM > To: videoblogging@yahoogroups.com > Subject: [vide= oblogging] introduction > > Hello, videoblogging world. > > I am the develo= per of a web application for music playlists at > webjay.org. > By accident= this turns out to be a good platform for videoblogging, so > there is a gr= oundswell of videoblogging among the users. The lucky > accident is that t= he SMIL editor and infrastructure for swapping links > work almost as well = for video as it does for music. > > A couple sample videologs: > http://web= jay.org/by/webjaybs/newsvideo-daily > http://webjay.org/by/pomona4/violence= iniraqandsaudiarabia > > Because the Webjay playlist editor wasn't designed= with video in mind, > it > has a lot of flaws in that regard. If there is= anything I can do to > support the videoblogging community with technology= , please don't > hesitate > to ask. The bugs are getting fixed and the feat= ures are being added, and > eventually I think it'll be a fine tool. > > - = Lucas Gonze > > > > *******************************************************= ************************ > Importante. > > Confidencialidad: > Esta comunic= aci=F3n es dirigida para la persona de nombre arriba mencionada y > puede = ser confidencial y/o legalmente privilegiada. Algunas opiniones expresadas= > en esta comunicaci=F3n no necesariamente son las de la compa=F1=EDa. > S= i le ha llegado a usted por error, no debe tomar ninguna acci=F3n basada en= ella, > ni debe usted copiarla o mostrarla a cualquier otra persona; > por= favor borrar/destruir e informar al remitente inmediatamente. > > Monitore= o/Virus: Orange puede supervisar todos los email entrantes y salientes > de= acuerdo con la legislaci=F3n actual. 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