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Re: [videoblogging] It's not a video blog if it's on TV

By Steve Garfield | Steve Garfield <steve@...> | sgarfield
August 23, 2004 | Post #851 | Topic #826

On Aug 22, 2004, at 11:28 PM, Christopher Weagel wrote: > >>That's like saying what makes a western a western > is a personal definition. It isn't. > > How is limiting the length of a vidblog not a personal definition? A > western could be feature length or 15 minutes long. > I understand the technical justification for it, but that doesn't > apply to all users. A Western that a friend of mine made with vegetables: http://www.jeffu.tv/spaghetti/index.html --------- [ Web Sites ] --------- Steve Garfield Video Production http://stevegarfield.com Video Blog http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog/ Weblog: Off On A Tangent http://offonatangent.blogspot.com/