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Re: [videoblogging] MPEG-4 mime type

By Christopher Weagel | Christopher Weagel <humandog@...> | ronnalddd
August 20, 2004 | Post #816 | Topic #768

The setting I use most in Compressor: Name: MPEG-4 Improved NTSC Large Progressive-Copy Description: 320x240,29.9fps,768kbps,44k 128kbps audio File Extension: mp4 Audio Encoder Format: MPEG4 Sample Rate: 44.100kHz Channels: 1 Bits Per Sample: 16 AAC encoder quality: high Video Encoder Format: MPEG4 Width: 320 Height: 240 Pixel aspect ratio: default Crop: None Frame rate: 15 ISMA Profile: 1 Constant bit rate: 1024 (Kbps) Which differs from the preset only in the audio being mono instead of stereo. Occasionally I'll use straight QT, but that will result in a bigger file size unless the video is short and not too visually noisy. I'm not sure what if any QT specific things Compressor adds in here, but with the files working in Real Player, I'm sure it's not adding much if anything. (That was a fun ride of a sentence) I've only ever used an older version of Cleaner for any other compression. I'd like to see what Squeeze offers, or as someone mentioned, 3ivx. What is that and where can I find that? What improvements in the mp4 will that give me? chris