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Re: [videoblogging] New to list

By Jay dedman | Jay dedman <jay.dedman@...> | kinshasa2000
October 19, 2004 | Post #1441 | Topic #1440

> I wonder with such overabundance that issues and stories and ideas will find > themselves ignored, drowned out, or overamplfied. Clearly reputation > systems and personal networks will have some way of shaping and bringing to > the top relevant bits. Clearly new voices and visions will be seen. But > will the ability to move people to action exist? Or is that a goal at all? this really depends on the people and the organizers. do you think community TV is a success? i sometimes wonder. our channel is very effective for small groups in certian communties...but definitely doesnt change the overall politics of the city. but really, what i believe we are doing is letting things flow. its important for us to see and hear each other. I used to angry in the late 90's when some guy was in Blockbuster calling their wife on his cellphone, asking her what she wanted to see. i dont know why. for some reason i thought it was a waste. Now that i have cellphone...something is very special about just talking to my friends. nothing conversations where so much happens. There will be plenty of videoblogging like this. just people talking to each other. and youre correct. reputation systems will develop. Josh Kinsberg made a comment to my blog recently. certain people will create "channels" of full of video i want to watch. I will subscribe to the feed becasue i know this person has already chosen the best of the best. this video may be funny, serious weird. I love weird crazy art stuff. i love watching insanity and jokes. i expect this kind of video. personally, Im all about a radical change in how we live with each other. the dream people have had for ages....we make progress..then fall back. can videobogging help? well, it certainly cant hurt. I always think of the Rodney King video....60 seconds of amateur video that rocked a nation. (but did anything really change?) it depends on if people want change. I would rather live in a world of too many choices of grass-roots video...than what we have now with too few choices. what a luxury problem we're going to have.