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Re: [videoblogging] New Video Blog post from the DNC

By Steve Garfield | Steve Garfield <steve@...> | sgarfield
July 29, 2004 | Post #455 | Topic #449

How does that help people without QuickTime, when my page has the QuickTime code embedded? On Jul 29, 2004, at 1:58 PM, Lucas Gonze wrote: > You might want to link to both, if you have both, and otherwise you > should > be able to keep using the same HTML you're using now. Given that > you're > using autoplay, you obviously can't autoplay both; what I would do if I > were you is upload an mp4, make a test page linking to that instead of > the > .mov, and see if it works. You might also want to ask people to give > it a > test run before you flip the switch... --------- [ Please Note ] --------- If my email hosting service is rejecting your replies, please give me a phone call. It's not you, it's them!