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Re: [videoblogging] no video iPod?

By M. Sean Gilligan | "M. Sean Gilligan" <seanlist@...> | M_Sean_Gilligan
October 28, 2004 | Post #1557 | Topic #1552

>http://www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/1008113.html >make sure you scan the comments..... > >Steve Jobs supposedly said there would be no video iPod.... >he believes the screen is too small and theres not enough LEGAL >content to make it worthwhile... >hope its not true. I think Jobs is being smart here -- I don't think it is the result of him fearing piracy of his Pixar movies, as some have suggested. He doesn't want to promote something and then have people find it is a disappointment -- remember the iPod has a huge user base and incredible press coverage. If Apple is going to do video, anything less than "runaway success" will be considered a failure for Apple. Neither, the technology or the mainstream user are ready for a video iPod at this time. Further, Apple's competitors are trying to one-up Apple by putting video in their devices, and he doesn't want to appear to have a product that is "less" than the competition. My prediction is: He'll let Microsoft, et. al. achieve disappointing sales with their portable digital video devices, and then, when they start to get traction, he'll launch a video iPod that is easier-cooler-better(tm). People like us will use the iPod for video to the best of it's current capability. Once *we* figure out what we want to do and build some working "prototypes", then Apple will add really nice video support and say "Things have changed. Our customers are demanding this." I think he has some valid points about screen size, but I think using it as a portable repository for your video and hooking it up to your TV or your rear-seat DVD player could be very popular. It'll be a great way to carry around your video "enclosures". -- Sean -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Sean Gilligan : 831-466-9788 x11 Catalla Systems, Inc. : http://www.vblogcentral.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------