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Re: [videoblogging] Pioneering stuff

By Steve Garfield | Steve Garfield <steve@...> | sgarfield
October 18, 2004 | Post #1415 | Topic #1389

On Oct 18, 2004, at 12:49 PM, Jay dedman wrote: > i guess this is the question: > --are we trying to create something new in videoblogs(can we?). > --or are we just making the publishing and distribution open to the > public in a way that has never been possible. Yes. I think we are doing both. You promote people shooting video of their lives and sharing it. Something new would be an interactive video where viewers can watch the video AND take advantage of web features such as hyperlinks and text. A friend of mine, Ravi Jain, made a web based sitcom called Three Abreast which had these features. It was written up in SF GATE: "Each show runs just eight minutes, which means the average cubicle dweller could easily sneak in a show during a coffee or lunch break. But more significantly, Jain has created what he calls the "Comedy Extender," a cyber version of VH1's "Pop-Up Video" that runs onscreen beside the show to give viewers a chance to digest obscure pop-culture references, click on other related sites, learn more about the actors and even view storyboards and scripts." Episodes are no longer online, http://three-abreast.com/ , but he is planning on bringing them back. The cool thing about the hows was that when he referenced something in the sitcom, information and a link would pop up in a window that was right along side the video. Pioneering stuff that took a lot of work. --------- [ Web Sites ] --------- Steve Garfield Video Production http://stevegarfield.com Video Blog http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog/ Weblog: Off On A Tangent http://offonatangent.blogspot.com/