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Re: [videoblogging] Quick Bittorent Explanation and why you should care…

By Michael Manoochehri | Michael Manoochehri <michael@...> | mr_dont2001
November 21, 2004 | Post #1894 | Topic #1891

> But i wonder if its really good for our little videos on our blogs... > now that we can upload video to the Internet Archive for free...no > need to use torrents. True, but Bittorent is a very good for sharing a type of media with many people at once - solving bandwitdh problems. What happens when you blog that video that everybody in the country just has to see? In fact, it would be cool if the Internet Archive (or C.C.'s uploader) created automatic bittorents for all of it's files after you upload them - that would be really smart! > But Torrenta are incredible good for HUGE videos. > so if you ever want to post a 30 minute video....use Bit Torrent. Yes, it might be a good idea for Video Bloggers to at least become familiar with Bittorent, as they have been with RSS, as it is a technology that really solves bandwidth problems. Hmmm, perhaps an Bittorent site that is made just for Videobloggers might come in handy when there is a bandwidth limit or a slashdotting? - Michael