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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Adding links in quicktime

By Andreas Haugstrup | "Andreas Haugstrup" <videoblog@...> | andreashaugstrup
November 9, 2004 | Post #1711 | Topic #1708

On Tue, 09 Nov 2004 22:04:23 -0000, geek_jihadi <ro@...> wrote: > I'm not sure what text links in quicktime you're referring to. When I > play your autumn movie I see the video and at the end a link to your > website and thats it. Am I missing something? My version of quicktime > too old? Are you on a mac? (I'm on a PC) I don't know if your version of Quicktime is too old, but you can try upgrading. At the top of the video there should be a white bar where links appear during the movie. I'm on a PC by the way with a new version of Quicktime. - Andreas -- <URL:http://www.solitude.dk/&gt; Commentary on media, communication, culture and technology.