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Re: [videoblogging] Re: Automated vloging by script

By Lucas Gonze | Lucas Gonze <lgonze@...> | lucas_gonze
August 3, 2004 | Post #526 | Topic #514

A comment on RSS, videoblogging and BitTorrent: if you're using RSS enclosures, you really really want to be serving BitTorrents. If you're not serving BitTorrents, you probably don't want to be using RSS enclosures. - Lucas On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 antipast0@... wrote: > Well, its a combo of both... > > BT makes a .torrent file... this is sort of a treasure map that can > be widely distributed. That .torrent file contains information like > a) where can I find out who has this file right now? c) how many > files are there? d) what are the files called? > > etc... > > So, yes, you would have the file on your local machine, and then > you'd publish your .torrent file on your blog. > > There are already TONS of people that distribute .torrent files via > RSS, so blogging with this sort of file would actually be somewhat of > an emerging standard. > > So, you have it on your local machine, and then everyone out in the > world gets the .torrent file... Their computers then start to request > the file from your machine. > > Once you have uploaded to atleast 1 or 2 other people, the > distribution of the file is then exponentially increased as then > those two people probably upload to 1 or 2 each, and so on. > > So, it would probably only be practical for those with broadband > connections simply because they're always on, but you could very well > do this dialup. > > The big concern is that if video blogs get big, you want to maximize > your exposure (BT certainly does that), but you don't want to tax > your hosting company (especially with the added bandwidth of people > downloading!)... The more popular your video blog, the faster > downloads will be and less bandwidth will be required on your part... > think of it like how a jet engine works... The more people transfer > your content, the better the ability for others to get it. > > BT is the pinnacle of a lot of P2P technology because it can be > applied to special needs such as this. > > > First idea would be the process I talked about: > > 1) create video > 2) create .torrent > 3) publish .torrent on blog > 4) "seed" file to requesting it from your machine > 5) when there are a few seeds, quit. > > ... > > But with RSS and blogging (as social networking software), this could > lead to futher automation like what you guys are talking about... > Like the following: > > 1) aggregate select video blogs into a single RSS feed > 2) activate and download all .torrent files > 3) use feed to combine the video in order > > If you all standardized with how you were doing this... say... naming > all files a certain way, and in a certain folder... You could have an > automated video distribution method of all video bloggers, and it > could very well automatically combine video (so long as you > standardized on a type, or at the least, a playlist format)... > > There are a lot of possibilities, but ultimately, the community needs > to: > > a) keep video blogging, and keep evangelizing ... !!! > b) find programmers, or learn! heheh... I recommend c#, but > bittorrent is written in Python... both are emerging and modern cross- > platform languages (c#, thanks to the mono project on linux/mac) > > c) document the methods you guys are using now > d) think up programs, standards, ideas > > ... this would be like "hey... if we all used Quicktime, and always > named our files with like "20040513.mov" then we can make a playlist > of everyone's videoblogs for real-time streaming based on their rss > feeds!!! > > There's a lot of room for documenting and dreaming up this stuff. > > I guess most video bloggers on are on the mac? That would make sense > as a mac rocks for easy video.... Programming that seemlessly like > how Apple does is something that can be hard to obtain for some hobby > programmers. > > Anyway.... thanks for listening to me rant. I believe that video > blogging is absolutely revolutionary... and the possibility of > having "video feeds" of friends, relatives, pundits, experts.... WOW. > > Keep it up, > > Thomas > > > > > > > Yahoo! Groups Links > > > > >