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Re: [videoblogging] Re: deeplinking considered n/a

By Lucas Gonze | Lucas Gonze <lgonze@...> | lucas_gonze
June 29, 2004 | Post #208 | Topic #140

On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, alan wrote: > Quick rant. If you have multiple video formats to support, SMIL is no > good given how fractured the video market is. Real and QT support SMIL > but you can't mix the two in a SMIL file, and that doesn't even take > into account WM. Mpeg4 was supposed to save us but it will be years if > ever its widespread enough. I think that mpeg video is supported by all major vendors. At the least, Real, Winamp, and WMP. That said, if you export video to *both* Real and WMV, Webjay will do the work of keeping them sorted out. A user with WMP will get only WMV, a user with Real will get only Real. - Lucas