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Re: [videoblogging] Re: deeplinking considered n/a

By alan | alan <akb@...> | akbakb2000
June 29, 2004 | Post #209 | Topic #140

> I think that mpeg video is supported by all major vendors. At the > least, Real, Winamp, and WMP. Do you mean mpeg1 or 4? Mpeg1 is too bandwidth inefficient, mpeg4 is not in wide enough use and does not look like it will be for a couple years, if ever. Encoders are costly and users are not switching quickly from WMV and Sorenson. Mpeg4's promise was that it could be the mp3 of video, I think WMV is likely to prevent that from happening. > That said, if you export video to *both* Real and WMV, Webjay will > do the work of keeping them sorted out. Well, Webjay can't tell if they are the same video. They may be, but one version may be a longer version at a lower bitrate, part two, or a different video entirely. You need metadata for that, either from the user or potentially from Atom's alternate mechanism. > A user with WMP will get only WMV, a user with Real will get only > Real. I think Webjay is the bee's knees but format incompatibilities mean the technology dictates the user experience to an excessive amount. If a group of videobloggers want to make a playlist of their combined week's output and some use mov and some wmv they are up shit creek. The web could not have become what it is if its components competed to the extent that video technology currently does. Competition, of course, can be a good thing but users are getting very little value from it. alan http://demandmedia.net/ Collaborative Video Blog